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Ben Amor is a full-time Musician and Guitar Mentor.

He has been teaching and playing live for 30 years.


Ben Amor Guitar School is located on the Gold Coast in Australia. 


Bens lesson format is not fixed, he makes sure that each individual student has lessons tailored exactly to them. He uses his home studio to record backing tracks in the lesson, so students have something to play over at home. This works great for all levels of students, beginners may get a basic drum beat and chords to practice over and more advanced students will have more complex backing to practice lead guitar over. It all varies depending on the individual.


Ben puts an emphasis on creativity, he believes this is in the human DNA to create and although cover songs are a big part of what students want to learn, he still encourages each student to write they're own song, with lyrics to sing. Its amazing what can come out of this and Ben has many students who have gone on to become professional musicians.  


Lessons are taught weekly. Each student has their allocted time and day which is fixed.